Airtight Studios can facilitate any recording type, from live band to multitrack overdubs, spoken word, voice overs, game soundtracks, drum recordings and vocals.

Mixing and Mastering.

Studio hire with external Producers and optional engineer.

Studio Production and Songwriting / Production development / Tuition

Recording / Mixing / Live Sound Tuition

Dance Music Production / Tuition

Music writing and recording for synchronisation, soundtracks or normal songs.

Rehearsal Rooms:

3 full band rehearsal rooms

Rooms available for music tuition

Live Sound / PA:

Live Sound and / or PA Hire with optional sound technician

Supply of DJ sets for weddings, functions and parties

Supply of Bands for weddings, functions and parties


Free Wi-Fi


Tea / Coffee facilities

Free parking

Extra Services:

Transfer of vinyl and cassette to CD/MP3

Acoustic treatment consultancy and design

Equipment Advice – general advice on musical equipment, recording gear and live sound equipment to ensure you get the right gear e.g. mics, mic pre-amps, guitar/bass amps, drums, cymbals, etc.

Equipment Repairs – Guitar / Bass / Instrument set ups, drum tuning, electrical / amp repair

Speaker / amp upgrades – We can advise on the most suitable speakers for the sound you want and install them for you.

Valve Amp valve replacement and biasing – We prefer JJ valves and can obtain valves that are appropriate for the sound you want. Different valves can be used to alter the gain and tone of an amp.


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